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The SECRET BALLET is an initiative to bring more ballet performances to New York. on Secret places. Creating different experiences and bringing the audience closer to the artists.

On this first edition please meet the stars; ABT's Hee Seo, Skylar Brandt, Cassandra Trenary, Aran Bell, NYCB's Megan Fairchild, Daniel Ulbricht, Alvin Ailey's Chalvar Monteiro, Complexions Contemporary Ballet's Candy Tong and Dorrance Dance's Michelle Dorrance.

Special Thanks to our supporters.

Valentina Lucaj

Tundra 'Big Sky Ranch Holdings LLC'

Karina Mirochnik

Stephen Kerrigan

Yoshie Oda

Nicole Salmasi

Valentina Berger

Jane Bieber

Elizabeth Kehler

Jon Roberts

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