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The STATE OF THE ARTS productions seek to inspire new perspectives, encourage a shared sense of humanity, and to inform creatively about the world we live in through innovative, interdisciplinary works of art.


Our first project, D A N C E L I V E, was conceived in 2020 during the devastating Coronavirus pandemic as a platform to livestream dance projects online, and unveil the creative process, from conception to performance, while highlighting some of the most influential performing artists in New York City.


The project seeks to fully expose the dance world and its creators through classes, rehearsals, and live interviews in the hopes of fostering a deeper connection between audiences, the art form, and the artists. 


D A N C E L I V E's debut took place in November 2020 through a short documentary film called 'New York Alive', produced in collaboration with renowned filmmaker Steven Sebring. It was released on Veeps, and featured a new Pas de Deux by Joshua Beamish danced by American Ballet Theater Principal's Herman Cornejo and Skylar Brandt, and a new solo created by Cornejo to Gershwin's iconic 'Rhapsody in Blue' with music performed by the internationally- acclaimed Argentinian pianist  Horacio Lavandera.


The project was filmed using the revolutionary 360° capture that distinguishes much of Steven's work and incorporated cutting-edge cinematic technology that created an immersive “augmented reality” experience.

Within the framework of D A N C E L I V E, we ambition to continue our work with Steven, as well as to launch new works with different artists in diverse fields of the arts and technology on a collaborative basis.


The SECRET BALLET is an initiative to bring more ballet performances to New York. on Secret places. Creating different experiences and bringing the audience closer to the artists.

On this first edition please meet the stars; ABT's Hee Seo, Skylar Brandt, Cassandra Trenary, Aran Bell, NYCB's Megan Fairchild, Daniel Ulbricht, Alvin Ailey's Chalvar Monteiro, Complexions Contemporary Ballet's Candy Tong and Dorrance Dance's Michelle Dorrance.



Reimagining NIJINSKY

The project "Reimagining Nijinsky" has been awarded one of the Center for the Ballet and the Arts NYU fellowships of season 2021-2022.

Nijinsky was last seen in South America, when he traveled to Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1917 to start what not many of us knew it was his last project before he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Ricardo Güiraldes and Alfredo Gonzales Garaño wrote "Caaporá", a ballet based on an indigenous Guarani legend that talks about tribes, forbidden love, death and transformation. It was offered to Nijinsky to dance and choreograph, and he asked Stravinsky to compose the music.

A second meeting was set to occur in Switzerland.

That never happened as Nijinsky, the legend slowly vanished in a hospital captured in his memories.


Here I am, delving into the past to inspire my future.


More than 100 years later, I am working on this project to bring to stage a story about the groundbreaking human indigenous values into a choreographic work honoring Nijinsky,

“a legend within a legend”.

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