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Since childhood, Herman Cornejo felt his destiny was connected to creativity and the arts. This connection has been the driving force behind his long career in dance and the key to unlocking his discipline and passion.


Now, in the digital age, Herman believes it is critical that cultural creators engage with the evolving world and the innovative ways that technology can impact how the arts are conceived and enjoyed. 


Herman Cornejo The State of the Arts seeks to creatively explore the intersection of dance, theater, visual arts, music, and technology, offering seamless experiences online and offline, on-stage and off-stage.


 As an organization, we are committed to building groundbreaking platforms to make and experience the performing arts, to stretching the boundaries of these art forms, and to radically diversifying their audiences through education and accessibility initiatives. 


Embracing the complex relationship between process and product, between the live and the virtual, we aim to make a lasting contribution to the evolution of the arts and its very definition as such.


With a commitment to transparency, innovation, and collaboration, we will make strides towards the true democratization of the arts by supporting individual artists, creating opportunities for interdisciplinary experiences, and welcoming new audiences.


The future of the arts is now. 

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